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When it comes to online casinos in the United States, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the issue. Currently, U.S. legislature allows for online gambling, but does now allow ownership of online casinos within the United States. Nevertheless, the current gambling laws are so unclear that it has caused a tremendous amount of confusion, and some online casinos do not even accept U.S. players, such as Eurogrand Casino.

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A lot of the confusion surrounding online gambling in the United States comes from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, UIGEA. This law prohibited banks from accepting any transactions for online gambling sites, which is why some major online casinos suspended American players. In 2007, the UIGEA was changed to allow the licensing of online gambling facilities, which was obviously in favor of the online gaming industry. More strides have been taken since to ease up on gambling restrictions since. For example, in 2010 New Jersey became the first state to explicitly legalize forms of online gambling.

It appears that there is no legal issue with online casino enthusiasts gambling from the U.S. Most of the restrictions are placed on the gambling sites themselves, and not on the users, so using internet casinos in the U.S. does not pose a threat to the player. The most negative result of online gambling law lies in making deposits. On occasion, deposits will not go through to online gambling sites. Generally however, this is not an issue. If a player has an issue making a deposit at a USA gambling site, they can try a different deposit method, contact customer support, or even try a different casino. Some of the best online casinos accept U.S. players.

If you are an online casino lover from the U.S. it is critical to understand that as a gamer engaging in gaming activity at an online casino, you really are doing nothing wrong. It is in fact within your right as a citizen of the United States to do so. There has been a void left in the online casino market since the passing of UIGEA in 2006 when many casino software providers stopped servicing the U.S. market. However, there are still many players who continue to enjoy online casinos despite the obstacles. There are still many options available for online casino players in the United States, even with mobile casinos. Do not worry the casinos that accept U.S. players are by no means of lesser quality. They are all high quality casinos with great graphics and a wide variety of fun and exciting casino games.

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